The Psychic Gallery – Advice by Chris in Spring Lake, NJ

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The Psychic Gallery – Advice by Chris in Spring Lake, New Jersey

  • Phone Number: +1 732-449-1811
  • Address: 101 NJ-71, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, United States
  • Total Reviews: 592
  • Average Rating: 4.9
  • Some user comments: Yesterday’s reading was amazing. Chris was very nice, understanding of my financial situation, made great suggestions in regards to reading choices and overall made me feel really comfortable and welcome. More importantly though, I found her highly intuitive, gifted and in my opinion, very accurate/spot-on (for the most part)on the things that have already been and currently are. I purposefully didn’t give much info until the end of the reading, as it was my first time going to her and I wanted to see how accurate I would find her. She surprised me greatly and some of the things she mentioned I still don’t know how she knew. To be that accurate on so many things was absolutely outstanding! I would definitely suggest her as a reader! Can’t wait to see if the future stuff that she predicted for me comes to be or not. I know that for the person who suggested me to her, they did for them. So, I’ll look forward to updating again, once I have those answers and if I too, will share the person who suggested me to her’s experience of future accuracy. Overall I had an extremely positive and wonderful experience with her and would highly suggest her. I plan to see her again soon for an energy cleansing, so I’ll update about that too I am sure it will be just as positive of an experience as the reading was. Cannot wait! ❤️
  • Category: Psychic

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