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Top U.S. psychics and mediums of 2023

We have selected the psychics with more reviews and better rating in Google. You can contact these spiritual professionals or search our website to find the most suitable and closest person to your location. We recommend that you take the time you need to find the psychic who can help you, there are more than 4800 professionals between psychics and mediums collected on this website and organized by areas.
A psychic is more than a tarot card reader, they have highly developed extrasensory skills with which they perceive things that we do not perceive, they can accompany us, help and advise us in situations of need such as love reading. As we know how important it is to contact an accurate psychic, we give you reference of some of the best clairvoyants we have on our website.

Reviews: More than 742 comments


Site: Conroe, Texas

Feedback: The experience of users with this psychic is amazing, within the information you can see some reviews…

Reviews: More than 618 comments


Site: Hollywood, Florida

Feedback: Very comfortable place feels like home and customer service is the best. Highly recommended…

Reviews: More than 592 comments


Site: Spring Lake, New Jersey

Feedback: More importantly though, I found her highly intuitive, gifted and in my opinion, very accurate/spot-on…

Reviews: More than 451 comments


Site: Queens, New York

Feedback: I have spoken to other people with this gift but Michaela is the most accurate. I really enjoyed my reading…

Reviews: More than 397 comments


Site: Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Feedback: The owner, staff, and clients have made this a great place for possitive energy. The shop offers many services and products….

Reviews: More than 320 comments


Site: Miami, Florida

Feedback: Carmen responded fast to my inquiries and answered all my questions. The place was relaxing and smelled so good ….

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How to choose the accurate psychic?

At the end of the pages of each state we comment which are the references to have little chance of making the wrong choice, there is a lot of intrusion in this sector but you have tools and tips that we give you to make the best choice possible, no one can assure you that you are in it but we help you in that choice.

It is not easy to choose if it is the first time that you are going to do it, but it is a decision that depends exclusively on you, so take advantage of the advice we give you.


The intuition you may have about what is going to happen, the telepathy with which you connect,
the energy that transmits, the ability to visualize the aura of another person, that can tell you certain things that he/she does not know about you
that he/she does not know about you without having told you and above all the reviews of other people are the key to identify a good professional.
The human treatment that he/she can give you, that it is a service that is in all aspects up to the
in all aspects to the height and that the economic cost makes sense based on what it is offering you.

Evaluate and let yourself be advised by the professional which is the most advisable way of communication for your home, if it is enough with
telephone contact is enough or it must be a face-to-face contact.

Advantages and disadvantages of online Psychic

– Disadvantages: There is no visual or physical contact with which the psychic can get enough information and thus give answers to your queries and concerns, has fewer resources to assess some cases, for this reason, the psychic has to assess and tell you if the case requires physical presence.

+ Advantages: You don’t have to physically move.
You have more time flexibility.
You are less self-conscious and in many cases you can express your case more openly.


Between you and the medium should assess which is the best way to contact depending on the case, our advice is that you expose the case and ask if it requires physical presence or not.

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What is a psychic?

Psychics have many qualities and the tools they use connect them to the energy of the universe. They often use tarot cards to provide interesting details, although they also use astrology for their predictions. If you are not very clear about the decisions you are going to make tomorrow, someone with vision will know how to guide you and make you very clear and know how to guide you in your daily life. Often, in addition to being sensitive, they also have remarkable intuition. They can quickly and accurately perceive client information through the invisible energy that surrounds people. This is how they learn about the person they are talking to before interpreting the card or predicting their future.

Psychics possess amazing extrasensory abilities that guide them to move through different channels outside the earthly world. They perceive energy from people about their emotions, thoughts, fantasies and goals. Clairvoyance interprets the energetic nature of people, and in this way they understand their past and present, which is the key to interpreting future situations. When it comes to clairvoyance, a sixth sense is often mentioned, something that allows them to step forward and detach themselves from the mundane. They are also very sensitive and offer good advice for people who feel a bit lost and don’t know which way to turn.

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What is a medium?

In the case of mediums, they have a gift that allows them to access spirits or energies that are not available on Earth. However, you can benefit from two different types: On the one hand, there are mediums who can contact deceased people because their clients want them to. On the other hand, those who can communicate with non-human evil spirits.

Although their talents may seem similar to those of a psychic, the truth is that the psychic has the ability to talk to spirits invisible to the human eye who are no longer with us. To make this possible, they had to implement other methods beyond the human senses. Sometimes, in addition to feeling and touching them, mediums can also see their presence. In this case, your body acts as an intermediary between the earthly and spiritual planes, as if it were a communication channel that takes you to an afterlife. In addition, mediums can use the same tools to reach the heart of their clients, such as tarot cards.

Very few people have this special gift. It is complicated to feel the presence of invisible beings who are not in our reality, only they can hear voices and read the thoughts of these beings. In fact, they cannot activate these spiritual beings themselves, but they can connect with those who wander around them.

Are Psychic Powers and Telepathy Real?

We want to give you the answer to this through Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru, a very interesting interview that you cannot miss.